You Have 6 Hours To Eat This Cake… 1925 Lightening Cake Recipe – Old Cookbook Show

You Have 6 Hours To Eat This Cake… 1925 Lightening Cake Recipe –
Today on the Glen And Friends Old Cookbook Show we take a look at a Lightening cake recipe where the cake and the icing are baked together at the same time. Yes, it isn’t really icing / frosting; it’s a meringue topping but you get the idea. This is an offshoot of other Lightening cake recipes, or BlitzKuchen.
We’re looking to round out the culinary history of this cake – we scoured old cookbooks, community cookbooks, and church cookbooks – we found lots of recipes for Lightening Cake and Blitzkuchen, but very few that include the baked meringue cake topping.

Lightening Cake
One-fourth cup of fat
One-half cup sugar
One-third cup milk
One teaspoon lemon extract
Three egg yolks
One cup flour
One and One-half teaspoons baking powder
One-eighth teaspoon salt
Cream the fat until it is soft. Add the sugar and beat for one minute. Add the milk, lemon extract and egg yolks. Beat for two minutes. Add all the rest of the ingredients and beat for one minute. Pour into a shallow baking pan. Have the batter one-half inch thick.

Three egg whites
One-half cup of sugar
One-half cup nut meats
One teaspoon cinnamon
Two tablespoons sugar
Beat the egg whites until they are very stiff. Add the half cup of sugar and beat for one minute. Add the nut meats. Pile on top of the cake batter. Mix the cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle over top of the egg whites. Bake in a slow oven for thirty minutes.

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