weekly vlog 🧸 photoshoot in the city, christmas markets 🎄 baking cookies, world cup finals!

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Blue Oblique Shoulder Top | Karina – Aespa: https://bit.ly/3YMV588
Grey Ripped Jogging Pants | Rose – BlackPink: https://bit.ly/3WBDU7J
Woven Leather Bag | Jihyo – Twice: https://bit.ly/3vaKTsz
Red Cherry Crochet Earrings | Seulgi – Red Velvet: https://bit.ly/3WFbz0h
Beige Heart Hair Clamp | IU: https://bit.ly/3YLEfGU

Gold hoops https://mejurifinecrew.sjv.io/kjBvQM
Pear drop earrings https://mejurifinecrew.sjv.io/VyqKRR
Diamond necklace https://mejurifinecrew.sjv.io/XxDRo5

10% off YESSTYLE: NESSIE2022DEC http://bit.ly/2maa6U6 (for purchases over $49, valid December 2022)
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$25 off VESSI: DEARNESSIE https://bit.ly/3wjbJNW
30% off colour and perm at The Days Hair Salon (Seoul) when you quote my name 🙂 http://bit.ly/2nOVyJT

Music by Anja Kotar – December – https://thmatc.co/?l=259CFD45
Tama – 5th avenue https://youtu.be/yweOfcewKsc
ARISU – sakuma drops https://youtu.be/9Rd72c_Q_jM
Music by Cael Dadian – Fam This Christmas – https://thmatc.co/?l=94E0697D
Music by Damien Sebe – a lofi xmas – https://thmatc.co/?l=4382F11D
Music by Chinsaku – C o f f e e – https://thmatc.co/?l=E9837472
Chillpeach – One thing https://youtu.be/tzhKxUxsIJs

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