The Best Way To Sharpen & Clean Knives (And The Worst) | Epicurious

Chef Frank Proto demonstrates and explains everything you need to know in order to properly sharpen, clean, and store the knives in your kitchen. Frank breaks down his preferred methods and go-to accessories for every aspect of knife maintenance, giving you all the knowledge you need to keep your blades sharp and ready for action.

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0:00 Introduction
0:46 Is Your Knife Sharp Enough?
1:42 Sharpening With A Water Stone
4:54 Honing The Edge
6:46 Sharpening With A Manual Sharpener
7:55 Sharpening With An Electric Sharpener
9:17 The Ceramic Plate Method
9:47 Use & Cleaning
12:02 Storing Your Knives
12:22 Knife Block
12:35 Magnetic Strip
12:47 Knife Roll
13:06 Conclusion

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