My Take on a Poke Bowl

This Tuna Poke Bowl is made with fresh sushi ingredients and soy-marinated tuna, this is not an OG Hawaiian poke recipe but rather a sushi chef’s take on a #pokebowl, I hope you enjoy my take on how to make a poke bowl.

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Ingredients to Make This Pokebowl:
Tuna mix:
– sashimi-grade tuna
– salt
– soy sauce
– toasted sesame seed oil
– rice vinegar
– mirin
– toasted sesame seeds

– cooked seasoned sushi rice
– wasabi
– soy sauce mix
– avocado
– shisho leaf (difficult to get online, worst case you can buy seeds and grow them…)
– tuna mix (from above)
– edamame
– radish
– pickled ginger
– spring onion
– pea sprouts
– crispy tempura bits, in the video I used normal store-bought tempura flower mix, here is my OG tempura recipe which you can also use
– salmon roe
– tobiko
– sesame seeds
– plum sesame seeds
– spicy mayo
– eels sauce you will find both the spicy mayo and eel sauce recipes in this video:

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