HOW TO COOK for & FEED over 3000 Japanese Students in 1 DAY

Watch and see how this school lunch center cooks for over 3000 students from 4 different schools in Tokyo! This is all food for just 1 day! It is a very big operation that involves a huge number of people and very sanitary and clean conditions. You can see the lengths these workers go to to maintain high sanitary standards and deliver the safest food possible for the students.



📁 屋台動画(Yatai Japanese street food Video) 📁

🇯🇵【Yatai 屋台】A young man pulls and sets up his handcart by only human power

🇬🇧【屋台 Yatai】After 7 years of cooking training in England, came back here finally.

🏃【屋台 Yatai】Anybody who can build a store on the road in 2 hours?

🔔【Old Style Street Food 屋台】Children gather together by the ring bell like Showa era

👯【屋台 Yatai】Family ties, Mom and daughter are really nice friendship.

🇨🇵 Friendly FRENCHMAN runs this JAPANESE Food Stall in Fukuoka! Real Yatai Business!

👴👵【Old Style_Yatai 屋台】79 years old husband and wife running food stall together since 1950.

⛩【Yatai 屋台】 praying to household shrine before opening food stall.

📁日本のパン動画 (Japanese Bread Video)📁

🍞【Japanese Bread】Over 40 kinds of bread there every morning.

🍞【Japanese bread】 Have you ever worked so early in the morning.一本堂

📁ラーメン動画(Noodle Video)📁

🍜ラーメンOld Style_Ramen】The Model of NARUTO’s Ramen Shop

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】教えたくなる一杯!開店と同時に注文!替玉60円! Refilling another portion is just 6 dollars Ramen shop!!

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】A rare material contains their Ramen.変わった”高級食材”のどくろラーメン職人

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】Ramen without additives: Good for health

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00:00 Introduction | 概要
00:17 Before Going Inside | 給食室に入る前に
00:38 Room for Removing Dirt From Vegetables | 泥落とし室
01:00 Menu | メニュー
01:02 Cutting Vegetables | 野菜を切る
01:25 Chicken Preparation | 鶏肉の準備
02:00 Room to Wash Vegetables | 野菜類洗浄室
02:06 Washing Onions | 玉ねぎの洗浄
02:18 Washing Cabbage & Carrot | キャベツと人参の洗浄
02:45 Cutting Cabbage | キャベツを切る
03:01 Rinse Cabbage in Water | キャベツを水にさらす
03:09 Room to Boil & Stew | 煮炊き調理室
03:47 Shredding Carrot | 人参を刻む
04:02 Shredding Onions | 玉ねぎを刻む
04:18 Making Seaweed Broth | 海藻で出汁をとる
04:41 Add Dried Bonito | 鰹節を入れる
05:01 Room to Fry , Roast & Steam |揚物焼物蒸物調理室
05:10 Fried Soybean Curd |厚揚げ
05:47 Room to Cook Rice | 炊飯室
06:39 Frying Chicken | 鶏肉を揚げる
08:53 Making Sauce for Noodles | ビーフンのソースを作る
09:16 Boiling Noodles | ビーフンを茹でる
10:02 Miso Soup | 味噌汁
10:56 Marinating Sauce and Noodles | ソースとビーフンを混ぜる
12:10 Tasting | 味見
12:23 Carrying Food to Truck | トラックに給食を運ぶ
12:34 Leaving For Delivery to School | 学校へ出発
12:51 Cleaning Up | 掃除
13:16 Food Tasting | 実食

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