CHARISMATIC Bodybuilder – STRONGEST Handshake in Japan

This former Karate-ka turned personal trainer runs a delicious Japanese teishoku restaurant in Fukuoka where he greets all his regulars with a strong handshake. He is a very charismatic and the food portions at his restaurant are very big. We hope you will enjoy this video.

🗾2 Chome-2-1 Nishikatae, Jonan Ward, Fukuoka, 814-0141


📁 屋台動画(Yatai Japanese street food Video) 📁

🇯🇵【Yatai 屋台】A young man pulls and sets up his handcart by only human power

🇬🇧【屋台 Yatai】After 7 years of cooking training in England, came back here finally.

🏃【屋台 Yatai】Anybody who can build a store on the road in 2 hours?

🔔【Old Style Street Food 屋台】Children gather together by the ring bell like Showa era

👯【屋台 Yatai】Family ties, Mom and daughter are really nice friendship.

🇨🇵 Friendly FRENCHMAN runs this JAPANESE Food Stall in Fukuoka! Real Yatai Business!

👴👵【Old Style_Yatai 屋台】79 years old husband and wife running food stall together since 1950.

⛩【Yatai 屋台】 praying to household shrine before opening food stall.

📁日本のパン動画 (Japanese Bread Video)📁

🍞【Japanese Bread】Over 40 kinds of bread there every morning.

🍞【Japanese bread】 Have you ever worked so early in the morning.一本堂

📁ラーメン動画(Noodle Video)📁

🍜ラーメンOld Style_Ramen】The Model of NARUTO’s Ramen Shop

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】教えたくなる一杯!開店と同時に注文!替玉60円! Refilling another portion is just 6 dollars Ramen shop!!

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】A rare material contains their Ramen.変わった”高級食材”のどくろラーメン職人

🍜【ラーメン Ramen】Ramen without additives: Good for health

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00:00 Introduction
00:26 Exterior & Interior | 外観&店内
00:41 Many fried chicken 大量の唐揚げ
01:13 Power Bowl & Yakiniku Bowl & Karaage Bowl | パワー丼&焼肉丼&唐揚げ丼
01:49 Omelette rice | オムライス
02:46 fried chicken-don & Power-don | 唐揚げ丼&パワー丼
03:07 Fried chicken Curry & Omelette Curry | 唐揚げカレー&オムライスカレー
03:48 Shake hands rush | 握手ラッシュ
04:37 Katsudon (large bowl of rice topped with pork cutlet) | カツ丼 (大盛り)
05:13 Omelette rice | オムライス
05:33 Miso butter-don & omelet fried chicken curry | 味噌バター丼&オムレツ唐揚げカレー
06:04 fried chicken-don | 唐揚げ丼
06:12 Ginger-yaki set meal & ginger-yaki donburi | 生姜焼き定食&生姜焼き丼
06:59 Meat and Cheese Bowl | 肉チーズ丼
07:45 Short break | 小休憩
07:55 Students come to eat after club activities | 部活終わりの学生が食べにくる
08:12 Rush of orders | 注文ラッシュ
09:24 Chicken thigh Lemon Bowl & Tonkatsu Udon Noodle | モモレモン丼&トンカツうどん
10:10 Actual meal | 実食

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