Catching And Eating LIVE Sea Urchin

Today, I caught my favorite food in the world. Sea urchin, also known as “uni,” is the true embodiment of the flavor of the ocean. Uni is *technically* the sea urchin’s genitals, but it tastes better than it sounds. It’s delicate and therefore extremely expensive. The flavor palate includes a blast of gentle, soft cream with a smooth and briny finish, and it tastes almost impossibly good.

Santa Barbara uni is the best in the world, right alongside uni from long across the globe (Hokkaido, Japan). In addition to being fortunate enough to catch my favorite food today, however, I’m pleased to say that we’ll be raising money to save the ocean.

I’ll keep this simple. Today, I’ve teamed up with @MrBeast and hundreds of other YouTubers to rally everybody around an incredibly problematic issue. We aim to raise $30,000,000, and each $1 Donated = 1 Pound Of Trash Out Of The Ocean. Visit OVER THE NEXT TWO MONTHS, I WILL PERSONALLY BE DONATING $20,000, which will translate to 1,000,000 (yes, a million) plastic water bottles being removed from the ocean.

Huge thanks to Justin for bringing us out on a rough diving day and being such a kind, knowledgable guide. It was his first time on camera, so show him some love in the comments!! He killed it.


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