$202 Lunch in Hong Kong – Fried Rice, Crab Claw, Abalone Soup & Dim Sum

Visiting Rùn, a Cantonese restaurant (with Michelin Star) in Hong Kong to have a Dim Sum platter, apart from that Executive Chef Hung Chi-Kwong prepares a double-boiled abalone soup, wok-fried crab claw and fried rice:
0:21 Dim Sum platter: Deep-fried diced Wagyu beef puff, black pepper (錦繡球黑椒和牛酥), deep-fried glutinous dumpling, spicy sauce, Nyonya (娘惹香辣咸水角), steamed cod fish dumpling, salted fish, water chestnut (四喜鱈魚粿), deep-fried mantis shrimp, salted egg yolk (黃金富貴蝦)
0:29 Double-boiled abalone soup, kelp, goji, baby coconut (原個椰皇海帶杞子燉鮑魚)
2:51 Wok-fried crab claw, dried shrimp, ginger, spring onion, layered bean curd sheet (薑蔥蝦乾焗鮮蟹拑伴千層)
8:26 Fried rice, lobster, sea urchin, seaweed (龍蝦海苔海膽汁葷油燜飯)
16:28 All dishes served at the table

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