18 Year old girl makes her DEBUT as a Sushi Chef – Family Run Business

This 18 year old girl works with her family at their family run business in Fukuoka where she has been learning the sushi trade from her father. She makes her debut as a sushi chef and hopes to carry on the family tradition and make delicious sushi like her father.

📍 1124-8 Murayamada, Munakata, Fukuoka 811-3434
🗾 https://goo.gl/maps/gs5uVUYaCS8JKohV8
●owner YouTube


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00:00 Introduction | 概要
00:23 Exterior & Menu | 外観 & メニュー
01:00 Food Prep | 仕込み
01:53 Butchering Fish | 魚をさばく
03:11 Vinegared Rice | 酢飯
03:30 Butchering Fish | 魚をさばく
05:02 Sushi Roll | 手巻き寿司
05:27 Interview | インタビュー
06:14 Opening | 開店
06:25 Sushi for Take Away | 出前寿司
09:19 Tempura | 天ぷら
09:53 Rush of Orders | オーダーラッシュ

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