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Stressed about cleaning for the holidays? Opt out of the action-packed day-long cleaning spree this year and join us for 12 Days of Cleaning. All you have to do is check one simple chore off your to-do list each day, so by the time your guests arrive, you can actually enjoy the holidays. Tune in to see just how to transform holiday cleaning from chaotic and stressful to peaceful and easy.

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0:00 Introduction
0:22 12th Day: Clean Out the Fridge
1:07 11th Day: Scrub the Stovetop
2:00 10th Day: Clean the Kitchen Sink
2:26 9th Day: Dust
2:47 8th Day: Clear the Counters
3:14 7th Day: Declutter the Living Room
3:34 6th Day: Scrub the Bathroom
3:57 5th Day: Empty the Trash Cans
4:12 4th Day: Clean the Mirrors
4:25 3rd Day: Set Out Extra Toiletries
4:40 2nd Day: Vacuum
4:53 1st Day: Relax!

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12 Days of Cleaning for the Holidays | Spotless | Real Simple

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