$10,000 Edible Wagyu Candle

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I love wagyu. I love it so much, in fact, that I decided I wanted to make my entire apartment smell like wagyu. How? By making a 50 pound candle. Over the past year, I cooked a lot of different wagyu creations: 100-day-aged, butter-aged, burger, crunchwrap supreme, sushi, and more. As I cooked, I tossed the fat scraps my freezer to the point that I had an ENTIRE freezer of just wagyu scraps.

When moving to a new apartment a few weeks back, I wondered what on earth I could do with all this extra wagyu. Yes, it’s a fortunate problem to have, but I wanted to share it (so I brought in a few random subscribers). This candle is going to keep my apartment smelling like wagyu for months (so long as I refrigerate it).

As for Flambé, my new candle company, I cannot tell you how long and hard I’ve been working on this. We will sell ONLY food-scented candles. During the past several months especially, I looked at this as the perfect way for those enjoying my videos to experience a taste of what my kitchen might smell like on any given day. Flambé, which translates to ‘flamed’ in French, is the closest possible way for you to experience my kitchen creations, and in the meantime, I will work on ways in which this can happen in person.


Want Wagyu? https://bit.ly/3smUjP0

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